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5-litre oven timer grill Grill combo oven quartz BEPER 650W

5-litre oven timer grill Grill combo oven quartz BEPER 650W

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BEPER 90.369B

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5 liters

Code: 90,369 B

Quartz heating elements

Cooking selector: base, grill, combi

Electric oven: double glazed door with
Quartz heating elements
Capacity 5 litres
Cooking selector
Operation lamp
15 minute timer with Bell
Outside dimensions 34x17x20 cm
Internal measures 25, 5x13x15 cm
Packaging: lithographed



650W power

Power supply 220-240V ~ 50/60 Hz

Place the grill (12) in the calls above the lower heating element (3), inside the cooking compartment.
Prepare the food and place it in the oven by placing it on the grill (12) or on the tray (11).
Turn on/off and timer knob (8) to the desired cooking time (minutes) depending on the dish you want to cook or heat.
Select use the rotary switch on the heating elements (8) the type of heating suitable for the food you want to prepare.
Does the bottom heating element (oven), suitable for cooking pizzas or to heat precooked foods
Does the higher resistance (grill), suitable to complement Brown foods already cooked
They work both heating elements (oven grill), suitable for defrosting or black lover warm in cold temperatures.
Turned off
The power indicator (6) lights up.
At the end of the set time, you hear a trill, the oven switches off. If the food is not yet
ready, reset the timer and continue cooking.
The oven can be switched off during cooking, turn the knob on/off switch (7) to OFF.
A ready-to-eat, check that the on/off and timer knob (7) is positioned on OFF.
Power of heating elements knob (8) to OFF and unplug the
plug from the wall socket.
Open the door (4) using the door grip (5), pull the tray or grid
using an oven Mitt.
Be very careful, the tray or the grid may be very hot.
To heat food quickly already precooked, select only the heating element
Accentuated in heaters and grills, select both heating elements.
Cooking times depend on the amount of product, from the temperature of the food and
from that set to the oven, and personal taste.

Good maintenance of the oven door in good condition guaranteeing a proper functioning. Frequent cleaning prevents the formation of smoke and unpleasant odours during cooking. Food residue can cause the risk of fire.
If the inside of the oven is dirty, cooking times may be longer.
The inside of the oven should be cleaned after each use. Use hot water and detergent,
Rinse and dry with a soft cloth. Avoid abrasive products.
Do not scratch the walls with sharp or pointed objects.
Never place the oven in water and never wash it under running water.
The accessories can be washed in warm soapy water.
Clean the outer body of the oven with a damp sponge. Do not use abrasive products.
Make sure that no water can enter or liquid soap inside the slits of the oven.
Never clean the heating elements.
Do not use the steam or steam equipment to clean the oven.

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