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Occupational health nurses REPOSA green hoofs hospital 38/39

Occupational health nurses REPOSA green hoofs hospital 38/39

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Professional clogs REPOSA

STANDARD model-green 38/39

The REPOSA professional clogs are certified and tested according to European standards EN 20347:2008 including the latest safety requirements regarding professional footwear in the medical field. Are classified as class II PPE-personal protective equipment with features such as high elasticity of the raw material, the ability to be sterilized by autoclave up to 134° C that allows use in the operating room.

The superior quality of hooves REPOSA is therefore date from:

a) raw material: STANDARD FULL into sockets & REPOSA Italian thermoplastic compound is used very soft with a high degree of elasticity.

b) SHOCK: there is an antibacterial INSOLE injected directly inside that also serves as the shock mount to reduce the rebound effect due to fatigue.

c) SAFETY TREAD: REPOSA socket comes with a reinforced tread (the surface that touches the ground) that serves the dual purpose of increasing stability and prevent the penetration of needles, needles or sharp objects.

D) also addresses the problem of rubbing very annoying during use by the operator, in models that use the internal latch button or insert point.

Test of antistatic DIN 4843

Test of antistatic CEI 64-4 – EN 344

Slip resistance UNI 8615-ENV13287/00

Which requirements should "work shoes" Directive 89/686/EEC – 92 EN347-1/En Standard EN ISO 20347 Antistatic 344

Autoclavability EN 13832-1 class: (according to EN 345-1 or 347-1)
Shoe rubber Polymer throughout

Model: (according to EN 345-1 or 347-1) low footwear

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: Respondents where applicable European Directive 89/686 Directive "annex II"/EEC